GTE sample 9

Dear Visa Officer,

My name is [student name]. After finishing my second year in [college name] in [home country], my parents sent me to Australia to study foundation course in [college name] with the hope that I can successfully get admission to [university name] then. After one year study at [college name], I successfully graduate with GPA of 6.4, unfortunately that mark could not enable me to study Bachelor of Arts in [university name]. Then I decided to transfer to the [university name] to continue my study in Australia. I got the offer from [university name] with the condition of release from [university name]. Therefore, I had to go offshore and voluntarily cancel my visa and re-apply for a new visa in order to study in [university name] and finish my bachelor education in Australia.

My father put a lot of pressure on me while I studied in the foundation course, which ultimately had a negative effect on my studies. While a moderate amount of stress can be beneficial, the excessive amount I experienced made me anxious and hindered my ability to focus on my work. This led to a decline in my grades. I often stayed up late studying, which resulted in me feeling exhausted and missing some morning classes during the first semester.

As I reflected on my foundation course experience, I realised that the excessive pressure from my father had significantly impacted my studies. Instead of pushing me to perform better, the stress only served to distract and overwhelm me. Determined to improve, I returned home to [home country] for a break and had a transformative conversation with my father. He admitted his mistakes in parenting and assured me that he would trust me more and not burden me with such excessive pressure moving forward. Furthermore, he pledged to not argue with me again and expressed his full support for my future education. Inspired by their newfound understanding and support, I made a promise to myself to work harder than ever before to earn my degree at the [University name]. With their backing and my renewed determination, I am confident that I can achieve the highest GPA and succeed in my studies at [university name].

In my search for a higher education institution, I conducted thorough research on various universities and ultimately determined that [university name] was the best fit for my academic and career goals. [University name] has a strong reputation as one of the top universities in Australia and is renowned as a leader among young universities globally, ranking [Ranking] in the latest QS World University Rankings. Located in the heart of Sydney, [university name] boasts a prime location with excellent transportation and living amenities. Its graduates consistently achieve high employment rates and income. Additionally, [university name] offers highly practical and advanced education in its communication program, including strong connections to industries that provide ample internship opportunities to enhance practical research and working skills. These factors, along with my personal interest in media fostered by my aunt’s career in advertising, led me to choose [university name] and the digital and social media program as the path towards achieving my dreams. The rapidly advancing technology landscape has significantly impacted the way media influences our daily lives, and studying digital communication at [university name] will provide me with a competitive edge in the job market in [Home country]

After carefully considering my options, I made the decision to pursue my education in Australia rather than in my home country of [home country]. The domestic college education system in [home country] simply did not align with my academic and career goals. The national college entrance examination in [home country] is highly limiting and does not allow students to fully explore and cultivate their professional strengths and potentials. In contrast, the education system in Australia is much more flexible and supportive of students developing their professional skills and abilities. I strongly believe that studying in Australia will provide me with the best opportunities to reach my full potential and succeed in my chosen field. The outdated and inflexible education system in [home country] simply could not compare to the dynamic and supportive environment offered by colleges and universities in Australia.

After I graduate, I will return to [home country] permanently to begin my career. As a rapidly developing country, [home country] has a high demand for highly skilled professionals in the communication sector. I plan to apply for a job at a radio and television station in order to gain valuable work experience and enhance my overall professional skills and abilities. Furthermore, my education in Australia has equipped me with independence and a strong sense of self, making me well-suited for a successful career in [home country]. I am confident that my advanced knowledge and skills gained at the [University name], along with my developed life habits, will serve me well in [home country]. Additionally, my family all resides in [home country] and my parents are getting older, making it important for me to spend more time with them while I still have the chance. Overall, returning to [home country] and beginning my career there is a necessary and rewarding decision.

Thank you for considering my application.


[student name]