GTE sample 2

My name is Ravi Singh, as a national of [home country], I have strong family and community ties there and maintain regular contact with them through video calls and text messages. I have a deep connection to my home country and a strong desire to return there after completing my studies in Australia. I am currently [age] years old and am single, with no family in Australia.

My highest level of academic qualification before coming to Australia was a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies, and I have worked in that field in my home country as a senior accountant. I have no evidence of owning any assets in my home country and have no military service commitments there. I have no concerns about civil or political unrest in my home country.

I first enrolled in the following courses in Australia:

Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting
Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting
Master of Commerce
After successfully completing these courses, I enrolled in a further package of courses, namely:

Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
Diploma of Hospitality Management
I have successfully completed both of these courses and in [year], I currently enrolled in an Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management. I chose to study these courses in Australia rather than in my home country because of the quality of teaching and facilities, the integration of practical and theoretical learning, and the international focus of the course content. Additionally, I have emphasised how the skills and knowledge I am gaining from my current course are directly relevant to my future career in the hospitality industry, where I have extensive experience and hope to open my own restaurant.

I have demonstrated my commitment to my education by successfully completing previous courses and maintaining a strong academic record. I have also gained valuable practical experience through my work in the hospitality industry.

My long-term goal is to return to my home country and open a restaurant, where I can put my skills and knowledge to use and build a successful business. I am committed to completing my studies in Australia and returning home to pursue this goal.

I understand and am committed to complying with all visa conditions, including those related to my studies and my work rights in Australia. I am fully aware of the terms and conditions of my visa and am dedicated to following them to the letter.

My parents are willing and able to provide financial support for my studies and living expenses in Australia. They are committed to helping me achieve my academic and professional goals and are supportive of my decision to study in Australia. I am grateful for their support and am confident that I have the financial means to complete my studies without relying on work or other sources of income.